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This year we are happy to announce that we will be giving away the official “Sound Heart iPhone” to one participant for free!  Also, the winner does not need to purchase the tickets to take part of the Sound Heart iPhone giveaway program.The winner will also win five free conference tickets for his family and friends. All you have to do is register below and fill out the necessary information.In the near future, there is a good chance that we might change the prize from iPhone to “Umrah”.  We’re still negotiating with some travel agencies to make this happen.  However, once it is confirmed, we’ll let you know be email, when we decide to change the prize to Umrah.  So Don’t forget to make Dua’, insha’Allah 🙂Please read the contest details and conditions:In order to be eligible for the “Sound Heart iPhone” giveaway, participant must be:
  • 18 years of age at the time of registering or subscribing. You must be an adult.  Remember we’ll ask for a “age proof”, if you’re the winner.
  • Participants cannot provide fake names or emails; Sound Heart will verify participant’s information before giving away prizes.
  • Please be truthful and honesty when taking part in the sound heart iPhone giveaway and contest.
  • Participant cannot subscribe more than once; otherwise participant may be disqualified from the contest.
  • Participant can only subscribe themselves and not anyone else.
  • Participant must be a resident of Canada or the United States, and must provide adequate identification at time of contest announcement.
  • Participant must be registering and subscribing within Canada and the United States.
  • Sound Heart Conference iPhone will not be mailed to winners; participants need to claim their prizes in person during the conference. As an added bonus, winning participants will receive free 5 admission tickets for his family and friends.

Warning (Read this part): You must confirm your email to ensure that you’re not subscribing someone else! When you click “Subscribe”, please go to your email right now and confirm! If you fail to subscribe, you won’t be taking part of this Iphone Contest!

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